Moments of Wonder

A bit of bio

Terree Lorraine Oakwood is a professional photographer and entrepreneur. Thirty years ago, she began The Moment Photography creating studio and location lifestyle, and branding portraits. Terree also loves practicing creative writing and has chronicled on Facebook the many life changes she has experienced in recent years. In so doing she’s discovered her enjoyment of inspiring others through the stories of simple life happenings. Next on her list, she hopes to combine her photography and love of writing into a book that would help others notice the wonder all around us and grow from an open-hearted approach to living.

Terree is married to Brett, a second chance at life for both of them. She loves adventuring with her two daughters, sons in law and two grandsons. Her youngest, her son Hunter died a few years ago and his loss has left an enormous void. With love of family and friends, Terree makes the most of every moment. "Life is for living" she says and is excited for all that lies ahead but always pauses in gratitude for the life she has already lived and the love that surrounds her and her family.