the summer sunflowers

That afternoon I had a thought. After I finished the workday, I’d drive out to Second Mountain Sunflowers to catch them in the late day sunlight. I had read on their social that there was a field in full bloom. Knowing full well that with the heat wave we’d been having a thunderstorm could roll through and all bets would be off. The flowers could be beaten down by rain and then it would be over. I couldn’t take the chance of not seeing that field that summer so after dinner I got in my car with cameras in tow and I headed up country! 

Any effort we make to engage with nature has the potential to reward us with awe and wonder in spectacular fashion. When that time is spent in a field of sunflowers, for me, a oneness with the universe is all there is! Abundant golden beauty, an utter spectacle to behold, and my camera and I did just that!